Zesty Zante

Zante, or Zakynthos as it is also known, is a small Greek island with a huge tourist draw. With breathtaking scenery and year-round sunshine there is little more you could want from a relaxing break in the sun.

Zante is a popular destination for quiet family holidays, relaxed couples’ breaks, lively clubbing holidays, and Greek Island hopping.  Each of the resorts on the island offers something different, ensuring all tastes are catered to. 

Peaceful secluded spots and buzzing clubs and bars are all to be found in different parts, and you will never have far to go to discover a sparkling Zante beach.

Facts about Zante


Capital: Zante Town
Language: Greek
Currency: Euro
Time Difference: + 2 hours
Airport: Zakynthos Dionysios Solomos Airport
Population: 38,596 approx
Religion:Greek Orthodox

Top things to do

to do
  1. Hit the Beach
  2. Check The Blue Caves
  3. Boat Trip
  4. Go to Smuggler′s Cove
  5. Find Sea Turtles
  6. Hiking
  7. Scuba Diving
  8. Water Sports
  9. Clubbing
  10. Explore